Ralf Obergfell. Routemasters.

Art Review

‘...An invaluable account of what some say is the greatest bus on earth...’

Nunez-Fernandes, Lupe, ‘‘Check it out‘‘, Art Review, November 2005, p 19 (with illustration).


‘...It’s beautiful...it’s almost bus porn...‘

Elms, Robert, ‘‘The Robert Elms Show‘‘, BBC Radio 4, May 14, 2008.

Time Out

‘...A fascinating set of photographs...‘

Walters, Ben, ‘‘The End Of The Road‘‘, Time Out London, November 16, 2005, pp 14-18 (with Illustration).

Around Town, ‘‘Critics Choice‘‘, Time Out London, June 12, 2008, p 66 (with illustration).


‘...Definitely one with kerb appeal...‘

Lewis, Angharad, ‘‘Review Six Books,‘‘ Grafik, July 2008, pp 68-69 (with illustration).

1000 Words Photography

‘...A thoroughly engaging and compelling book...’

Clark, Tim, ‘‘Books‘‘, 1000 Words Photography, Fall 2008, pp 1-8 (with illustration).

Badische Zeitung

‘...Die Bilder sind von bleibendem Wert und gelten als eine wichtige Erinnerung für die nachfolgenden Generationen...’

Müller, Susanne, ‘‘Last Stop: Faszination Doppeldecker‘‘, Badische Zeitung, June 21,
p Südlicher Breisgau (with illustration).